It's almost time to move on....

LOCKDOWN REMAINS FOR NOW FOR WELSH HOUSING MARKET - hopefully a step closer to a time to move on again.....


First Minister Mark Drakeford has today announced the latest parameters in Wales.

The announcement focused on allowing some social interaction but was clear that the priority is physically limiting spread.

The regulations state that non-essential retail businesses, which can comply with the physical distancing duty, should start to prepare to re-open over the next 3 weeks.

A decision about whether non-essential retail will re-open will be taken at the next review on 18 June and will depend on the scientific and medical evidence.

At the next review, the Welsh Government will examine options for:
Re-opening non-essential retail
Increasing capacity for childcare and public transport to support a wider return to work
Facilitating moving house to boost the housing market
Re-opening outdoors sites, including outdoor markets, sports courts, outdoor showrooms, and outdoor museums

Welsh residents are now permitted to meet another household in the open air at 2 metres distance but there is a focus on travel distance in order to restrict the spread with 'local' classed as within 5 miles.

Drakeford stressed that the crisis is not over, the 'R' rate of the virus has not yet reduced and there should still be as little social interaction as possible.



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