Find That House

If location is fundamental to a property purchase, then mapping is surely the most obvious way of highlighting location.   

We choose to use locational maps on our website as they make it easy for buyers to identify the property in relation to its surroundings. This is particularly useful when a buyer is considering a property that is slightly outside an area they might have preferred, as they can see from the map that the property is actually not that far away from their chosen area.

Additionally, as an aerial perspective, maps are an excellent way of showing areas of open spaces such as parks, woodland and lakes which are not always possible to see when driving round an area. This is particularly the case with the satellite image overlay which we use on many of our maps. Perhaps the area is not quite as built-up as it appears at street level. Google Streetview is also featured on our web description.

But the most obvious benefit of the use of mapping in relation to property particulars is that it makes a property easier to find. When buyers have seen four or five properties on a cold wet evening, if they can’t find the property easily, it’s all too easy simply to give up, resulting in a lost viewing. (This is another reason why a “For Sale” board is so important as well.)

As well as providing straight-talking good advice for sellers, we never forget that the job of a good estate agent is to help make it easier for buyers to find the right property – literally!

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