All The Portals

Most buyers use the internet in their search for a home, so you need to be sure that your property is found and promoted quickly and easily. It is therefore important that your agent subscribes to the most effective property portals because this is how buyers are directed to your property.     

Many property portals have come and gone over recent years and whilst a few specialist portals remain the overall market in North Wales is with two portals, On The Market and Rightmove. Each has so much coverage that many buyers don’t always feel they need to use both, especially as they become familiar with the workings of one or the other.  We are seeing the increase in popularity with On The Market and of course our own site tppuk where you’ll see our properties first.

When selling your property, it is therefore really important to choose an agent whose own web site is popular (eg and also subscribes to On The Market &  Right move. This means that your property is much more likely to be found online. We also find that due to our excellent portal exposure, our own website ranks highly in a Google search.

This is not about stealth marketing – it’s about timely exposure with a marketing plan that is effective! Our role is to maximise your exposure and harness response, leading to a faster sale where competition between buyers pushes your price to the max. So you need to be seen – everywhere!

When selling your home, it is critical that you get it right, first time, so we’ve never held back when it comes to embracing the efficiencies of effective online technology. With Williams & Goodwin The Property People Ltd you can feel secure in the knowledge that your property will be exposed to the very highest number of suitable buyers available; as more buyers means a faster sale at a higher price. That’s what we do!      


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